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陆 阳 曾是美术和设计专业,于2009年转行摄影。作为一个上海的艺术家,他对于上海的拍摄拥有属于自己的独特视角和理解,在2012-2013年期间,作品曾多次发表于主流网络媒体《上海壹周》《明日风尚》《人物周刊》《腾讯》和报刊杂志,并多次参展和得奖。之后开始发展更多的艺术创作,尝试复古,暗黑,生活化等各类人像上的拍摄,作品拥有强烈的个性和丰富的情感故事。与此同时还从事品牌和商业上的拍摄。在魅力惠任职期间,拍摄过的品牌有:Armani , Alexander McQueen , D&G , Tory Burch , VIVIENNE WESTWOOD , Paul Smith 等。

Lu Yang was art and design major,and turned photography in 2009. As an Shanghai artist , His Shanghai shooting has his own unique perspective and understanding. During 2012-2013, his worked had been published in the mainstream network media such as'Shanghai Weekly' ' Fashion Weekly Magazine' 'NF People Newspaper' 'Tencent',and held many exhibitions and prize.From then on, he start developing more artistic creation,such as vantage, Dark, fresh, art, emotion, life and so on to take pictures of portrait. His photos has strong emotional color and personality with contemporary and immutability.

At the same time, he also shooting brand and commercial. Has worked with high-end brands have Armani,Alexander McQueen,D&G,Tory Burch,VIVIENNE WESTWOOD,Paul Smith. High-end photo customized main needle of the population 18-30 years old and loves art, stylish, retro Japanese style women dominated. Lu Yang Photography is fashion and art in hand, passion and calm with the deposit, black and white and color communion, mood and meaning combined territory.